The Challenge Fund aims to drive innovation in the Cardiff Capital Region’s public sector

The Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund aims to build local wealth and stimulate economic growth through challenges and mission-driven innovation which tackles public service issues and addresses societal problems.

Our Priority Areas:

Accelerating Decarbonisation

Access finance and support through the Fund to help frame and deliver targeted clean energy challenges which draw on business innovation and creativity centred around meeting the climate emergency and net zero targets. Challenges might involve decarbonisation of public transport assets, supporting innovation towards a greener public estate, infrastructure improvements which might require a more novel approach to procurement. How can we incentivise the market through a challenge approach to deliver impactful projects capable of leveraging economic, social and environment benefits for a greener, more sustainable and circular economy in the region?

Improving Health & Wellbeing

Opportunities for unlocking business innovation and economic growth through driving improvements in service delivery, making best use of our Public Sector buying power to procure innovative prototypes and scale new models of health and social care, while supporting business innovation in the region through engaging our existing and new supplier communities.

Where can a mission-oriented or challenge driven approach really add value to our health and care system? Where can we stimulate new business opportunities in support of our medical devices and diagnostics cluster in the region?

Support, Enhance & Transform Communities

Our Town Centres and Rural Communities are facing huge economic, social and environmental challenges. The Challenge approach lends itself to taking an innovative approach to regeneration of our community spaces, stimulating new opportunities to tackle the impacts of decentralised retail, responding to the reduced footfall on our highstreets, and embracing opportunities in the new and ways of working brought about by the pandemic. How can we build local wealth by taking innovative challenge-led approaches which support our Foundational Economy in sectors such as food and farming for example?

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