About Us

What is the Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund?

The CCR Challenge Fund provides a mechanism to engage public sector bodies, active in the Cardiff Capital Region, in the identification and development of challenges and to connect them with organisations who can provide innovative solutions to those challenges, leading to better services, improved efficiency and effectiveness, and increased productivity.

The purpose of the funding was to help the public sector to obtain novel products and services to address challenges and, in doing so, provide a route to market for those solutions. Public sector bodies proposed challenges for support and those successful, in securing a funding award, acted as ‘Challenge Owner’ organisations, working closely with potential ‘Solution Providers’ in the development of solutions.

The Challenge Fund aims to:

Solve societal challenges and/or service delivery issues

Create innovative solutions

Deliver economic impact for the region

Drive commercial scalable opportunities

Build local wealth

Key Partners

We are collaborating to tackle some of the Cardiff Capital Region’s most pressing issues, drawing on the region’s talent to develop novel solutions where there is an unmet need.

Cardiff Capital Region

The Cardiff Capital Region is transforming the economy, business landscape and potential for inclusive prosperity across the most populous region of Wales.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University is the delivery partner on the CCR Challenge Fund, with the Centre for Innovation Policy Research undertaking collaborative research on innovation

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