Information for Solution Providers

The Challenge Fund helps innovative solution providers develop meaningful, sustainable, and lasting ties with challenge holders from local public/third sector organisations. By applying to solve one of our open challenges, innovators can expect to co-create new solutions that generate real commercial opportunities for their business and deliver tangible economic impact for our communities. 

Cardiff Capital Region is committed to supporting the individuals and organisations that collaborate to solve some of our most pressing economic and societal issues. The Challenge Fund welcomes enquiries and applications from teams of all sizes and backgrounds – including entrepreneurs, academics, start-ups, established SMEs or larger enterprises. Regardless of stature, our dedication to innovators remains static by providing funding, support, and a clear path to commercialisation for their solutions.

FAQs for Solution Providers/Innovators

An open challenge system is simply a process by which an organisation sets out a challenge and asks for solutions. It is up to anyone who thinks that they have a solution, to come forward and propose it. This way, any individual, team or business can pitch their idea in an open and fair competition. It’s a great way to tap into the entire sum of innovation, creativity and ingenuity that is out there waiting to be harnessed. For you, it’s simply a great opportunity to develop a new product or service to solve a problem whilst working closely with the Challenge Holder to fully understand their requirements.

Anyone. Individuals, formal and informal teams, academic teams, pre-start businesses, start-ups, established businesses of all sizes, charities, and community groups are all welcome to apply.

Once Challenges are ready to call upon Solution Providers, they will be found on this website. You can also follow @CCRChallenge on Twitter, where we announce new Challenges as soon as they’re published.

No, because it’s up to organisations to identify their own problems. If you think that there is real benefit to be gained from solving the problem you’ve identified, reach out to the organisation, as they may want to submit a Challenge Fund application.

As an SME, start-up, pre-start-up or entrepreneur, the Challenge Fund delivery programme offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage with Challenge Holders in a meaningful, effective, and productive way by co-producing an innovative solution, and developing a relationship with a major public/third sector organisation. It’s a chance to build your business whilst doing positive work to improve your region, and also has the potential to open doors to new opportunities and markets.

If you think your solution/idea can cover off more than one challenge, that’s great. However, the application should be tailored for each Challenge Competition, rather than a blanket ‘copy and paste’ application. Bear in mind that the applications may not be selected for further consideration for both challenges.

Intellectual property is generally retained by the Solution Provider company, with user rights exercised by the Challenge Owners under a separate contract, under fair and reasonable terms. Challenge Owners are encouraged to seek their own legal advice on the treatment of IP when contracting with suppliers in-line with the challenge methodology used, as different models may be employed by agreement between both parties.