First Challenge supported by CCR Challenge Fund making great progress

Following a successful phase one where four companies presented some fantastic potential solutions to the challenge of creating virtual tracheostomy simulation training for the Cardiff and Vale ‘Simulation Technology for Healthcare Training challenge’ – supported through funding by Welsh Government and SBRI Centre of Excellence for delivery – TWO companies were selected to go through to the second phase (where funding is provided for the physical development of prototype demonstrators).

With such a quality field of competitors, selection was a tough process, but the team are confident that both selected solutions have the ability to totally transform how complex clinical training is delivered in much more immersive ways, showing the huge benefit of taking a different challenge led approach to problems where off the shelf solutions simply do not exist.

The successful companies making it through to phase 2 were:

Rescape Innovation Ltd – a virtual reality distraction therapy provider specialising in solutions that support pain relief, anxiety and stress and improving the overall patient experience and Nudge Reality Ltd – a company who personalise learning experiences through augmenting reality software for children with autism. Congratulations to both on being taken through to Phase 2 of the Simulation Technology Challenge.

Matthew Wordley, Founder and CEO of Rescape Innovation Ltd said “Rescape’s knowledge of VR and deploying its medical device DR.VR® into the healthcare system for pain and anxiety has allowed us to find innovative immersive solutions for delivering training.  Through a combination of modules which allow trainees to observe, practice and then perform, as part of a multiplayer team, we believe this will achieve the desired learning objectives and help create high performing teams, ultimately positively impacting patient safety. With an initial focus on Tracheostomy, Bronchoscopy and Intercostal Drain, it has created a foundation for a training platform for both clinical and non-clinical skills that can be deployed quickly and at scale.”

Rescape Innovation Ltd

Dr Alastair Buchanan, CEO Nudge Reality said “We’re developing a highly immersive mixed-reality training programme for tracheostomy care. This combines virtual simulations with real-world objects to provide visual and tactile feedback. This helps trainees learn how to perform these procedures and develop ‘muscle memory’ for each. Combined with a multi-user environment our goal is to create a realistic, engaging and effective training programme.”

Nudge Reality

Phase 2 continues until November when a decision will be made on which company solution will be selected to complete the third and final phase which is when the demonstrator will be tested in a live operational environment in the Cardiff and Vale Health Board.

Gareth Browning, Head of Challenges in the CCR commented that “it’s fantastic to see such rapid progress in the development of this new immersive simulation technology for Welsh NHS clients.  This promises to unlock new and exciting businesses opportunities for our already thriving creative sector in the region.  I hope to see these innovations commercialised and scaled in the very near future and demonstrating the value of Challenge-led innovation”.

Paul Twose, Consultant Therapist at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Clinical Lead for the challenge said “The simulation technology challenge continues to develop at incredible pace, and we are very excited with the solutions that are being created by Rescape and Nudge Reality. We are extremely hopeful that we will end this project with a market ready solution that will change the way we deliver tracheostomy education, as well as wider healthcare scenarios. I’m really excited to see how things progress over the last few months of the project and to see how the results of the collaboration between the NHS and industries will make meaningful change to staff education and patient outcomes.”


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