Merthyr Tydfil CBC looks towards expanding success and lessons from completed EV fleet challenge

 A challenge project looking to optimise energy usage in EV charging is now completed in Merthyr Tydfil County Borough, and the council will expand its success going forward.

The project was the result of a challenge launched on the Innovate UK Innovation Exchange (iX) platform and supported by the CCR Challenge Fund in 2021.

It aimed to optimise energy use in EV (electric vehicles) charging at the council’s depots, which was achieved through an innovative charging solution developed by contractor SWARCO.

The solution involves a network of chargers connected to each other through a smart charging management system that provides energy from renewable sources. All available energy is put to full use, and each charger only supplies the energy needed for the vehicle over the time needed for charging.

The system is now working efficiently with all the fleet vehicles that are currently in use, and more vehicles are being added to the fleet this spring. Data collection is taking place to improve efficiency even further, and make full use of the cheaper overnight electricity tariff.

Merthyr CBC have also secured additional funding from Welsh Government to install the same system at two more sites in May 2024.

In addition to its sustainability rewards, the project also brought social benefits locally, as the contractors sourced some items locally, and installation partners, Raynes, AME Electrical and Clarke EV have employed apprentices and trainees in the region.

This project and other decarbonisation challenges funded by the CCR Challenge Fund will be showcased for public and third sector audiences at our upcoming event on the 7th of June, to be hosted by CCR Energy at Aberthaw Power Station.


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