Wales-based medical device manufacturer achieves significant regulatory approvals

The IQ Endoscopes team in an office
The IQ Endoscopes team

IQ Endoscopes, an early-stage medical device organisation based in Chepstow, South Wales has recently received two highly crucial regulatory approvals for their single use gastroscope, the Q Vision G-100. This product has now received certification from the UKCA and the FDA, an incredibly important milestone for the company as they head into 2024 and beyond to commercialisation.

IQ Endoscopes are designing single use endoscopes to reduce the risk of cross-infection and increase capacity, providing a cost-effective and complementary solution to current technologies which allows for the provision of endoscopy to be streamlined and economical.

The company is one of two Welsh MedTech organisations to have received funding from the Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund to further their journey towards the effective provision of sustainable endoscopy. Alongside the important regulatory and engineering work, IQ Endoscopes is currently in Phase 2 of the innovation partnership, undertaking critical health economics studies to better understand how their single use endoscopes can improve patient pathways in existing endoscopy services whilst also exploring more around their options for sustainability, ensuring that it is embedded in all areas of the business from operations through to product end-of-life.

IQ Endoscopes CEO Matt Ginn said “Our purpose is to create pioneering endoscopy technologies for the early diagnosis of diseases, helping people live longer and better. Therefore, our endoscopes are designed to provide a sustainable, sterile solution inside and out of the hospital environment. The work we are doing with Cardiff & Vale is instrumental in allowing us to understand where they will be most beneficial and the impact they will have on the environment.”


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