Useful Resources

Challenge-led Innovation: Delivering on the promise?

Reflections on the First Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund Conference

Challenge-led Innovation

Challenge Fund Characteristics and Critical Success Factors – Report (

Healthy Communities Challenge Fund

LSHTM Research Online

Innovation of Procurement

Encouraging Innovation in Local Government Procurement

Innovation Procurement (

Manchester, Mission-Driven Innovation (Mazzucato)

A Mission Orientated Approach to Clean Growth (


Challenge Prizes Landscape Review (

NESTA Guide to Running Challenge Prizes

Nesta Challenges Practice Guide 2019

Scottish Climate Challenge Fund

Climate Challenge Fund a Celebration (

Small Business Research Initiative

SBRI Centre of Excellence website (

Explainer video (Innovate UK YouTube channel)

Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) | Innovation (

The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare programme: An evaluation of programme activities, outcomes and impacts | RAND

BEIS Document Template - Standard Numbering - Curve Only Cover Page Image (

SBRI Final Report (

Leveraging Public Procurement Report – David Connell (

Innovation challenge fund opportunity (

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